Rohith Varanasi

Welcome! I'm a software engineer working with Android and backend development. As you can tell, I'm not much of a web developer. CSS isn't one of my strengths so I figured I would just keep things simple.

I have a lot of experience working with Android as well as APIs and backend systems.

I recently left my company, Lunar Wireless. I'm going to be spending some time traveling. I'm looking to take on some contract work for interesting projects and interesting clients.

Shoot me an email at, maybe we can work together.

🔄 Previously

💯 Experience & Projects

Lunar Wireless - Founder, CTO

Founded and led the engineering team from 2015 to 2018. I had a hand in all parts of the technology, from writing code for our suite of Android applications to building our backend APIs and deployment process to maintaining and developing our infrastructure. I also implemented our integration with Sprint Wireless's infrastructure.

Monmouth Telecom - Software Engineer

Worked on testing for the backend which was written in Ruby on Rails. Worked extensively in capybara and RSpec. Also lead the development for the mobile application which allowed users to make calls through their hosted corporoate PBX lines.

Cosmos Browser - MHacks IV

Built a web browser for Android that allowed users to go online without a wifi or data connection. Rendered webpages serverside, compressed and encoded the rendered HTML, and then sent it to the device via text messages. The device pieced together the text messages, decoded and decompressed the HTML and then injected it into a webview.

Magic Board - PennApps X

Hacked a Boosted Board to replace the controller with arm gestures that were recognized through an MYO arm band. Won 2nd place overall at PennApps X. Worked with a Tessel ( to modify the stock Boosted Board controller and hacked it to work with a Servo motor to emulate human interaction.

Call Number Plugin - Cordova

Built a Cordova plugin that allows developers implement functionality to call a number directly from their Cordova application. I built this during my time at Monmouth Telecom. It's taken off and it is now included in the core library for Ionic.